Episode Eleven

Thanks for tuning in, we are a bit backed up this week with family medical issues. We talk about the Bengals coverage bias. Go to NFL.com and tell me if you think you can see the Bengals won a game. I mean it, sans for Prime time games. Mike Carey was being a penis and guys, Eddie Lacy is fat. Seriously, look at this.

HI I’m Eddie Lacy and I have DirecTV:

And I have cable:

Episode Six

On this episode Chris and I take issue with Boomer’s silly wide receiver list.

Do you think Rodgers had a poor game Monday? Well Pro Football Focus does, see why their advanced stats make them advanced stupid.

We cover the NFL network talking heads and call out the Rems, Collinsworth,  Dave Weinstadt, and cover the Dolphins at length.


Episode Five

On this episode we have our first recalls. We go off on the Eagles, the Dolphins, and plenty of talking heads gave us easy material yet again.

Here are the links to Eskin and Rosenthal we talked about in the episode.