Episode Twenty One

9/3/16 UPDATED: We realized the episode cut out at Chris’ Dolphins promise. Should be all set now.


In this episode we have a boat load to go over. We cover the abundance of over sensationalizing of commentary. We give you our take on Joey Bosa. Chris gives you his Dolphins promise. It is time for division winner predictions.

Episode Twenty

We cover the first episode of “Hard Knocks” and how Jeff Fisher feels about 7-9 bullshit. Carson Wentz and his trip to Canton. “Predictions’ from @HeathEvans44. How come players are clueless when it comes to discussing this game…Rich Gannon, Willie McGinist? The NFL and their ridiculous policy on helmet decals. Also our very own prediction season has started, we give ours for this year.

Season Two

In this episode a special guest RETURNS! Rob is BACK and we cover MLB umpires ejecting fans, NFL paint being weapons of mass destruction. The next Hall of Fame Class inductees. Prediction season is back and we tell you who is NOT going to make this years playoff dance. We also tell you why you should shout things @HeathEvans44 on twitter.