Episode Five

On this episode we have our first recalls. We go off on the Eagles, the Dolphins, and plenty of talking heads gave us easy material yet again.

Here are the links to Eskin and Rosenthal we talked about in the episode.



Episode Four

On this episode we finally have some NFL games to cover. Collinsworth gives us almost too much material and Michael does not alleviate that much. On the other side of the coin Aikman still thinks he needs to bring up the Cowboys no matter how irrelevant, oh and now we are blessed with Phil Simms son in the Booth.

We dive into the uselessness of sideline reporters and how bad they all were in week one. Shoot me and e-mail, or Chris: Rob@thecallouts.com Chris@thecallouts.com

Give us your Call Outs and team reviews.

Episode Three

On this episode of Call Outs we talk baseball (specifically Matt Harvey and the playoffs) Chris and I go off on Howard Eskin, because apparently Sam Bradford is better than all of us believed, we have an e-mail where we get called out, and we give you the week one predictions.

I also take issue with Mike Mac the coachin’ guy, Chris is not a Ryan Mallett fan, and we finally cover the Brady suspension. As always, thanks for listening, e-mail us: rob@thecallouts.com or chris@thecallouts.com.


Episode Two

On this episode we cover Jordy Nelson and something very surprising about his production. The Jets and Eagles are taken to task on their August Superbowls and Greg Buttle never lets facts in the way of a good story. Oh, ESPN seems to think half the league is elite.

New emails: Rob@thecallouts.com and Chris@thecallouts.com

Here is the article writen by Gregg Rosenthal that we covered: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000518581/article/philadelphia-eagles-season-preview-nfc-east-favorites

Do you have 12 teams who will miss the playoffs? Let us know and see the Parity.