Welcome to Call Outs!

You know the feeling, you’re trying to get coverage of your favorite team, you wait patiently for the sidebar on ESPN or NFLN to get to the topic you were looking forward to and you come away with nothing but aggravation from hearing how uneducated the talking heads are about your team.

They give a few brief talking points, spew a few inaccurate statements, and speak as if their opinion is gold. If they aren’t doing that they are exaggerating small stories to be way bigger than they are, and can’t report things for what they are.

That’s what we are here for on Call Outs! We want to talk sports with you, call out the ridiculousness of the commentators and talking heads, and get your team some fair and balanced coverage. Want to hear about your team? Email us at callouts2@gmail.com

We watch every single NFL game every week throughout the week, so unlike the “top” team on CBS, our opinions are based on something. Thanks for listening!